Four Hour Body Diet: Approved Foods & Sample Menu

The popular 4-Hour Body Diet promises to help dieters drop between 20 and 24 pounds in the first month and without exercise by simply making a few dietary changes. In order to reach this weight loss goal, creator Tim Ferriss only recommends eating certain foods which should be used in the same or very similar meals six days of the week. One gorge day per week is encouraged for eating anything you like (with Saturday being recommended by Ferriss). Types of 4-Hour Body Approved Foods & Their Alternatives Meals eaten while on the 4-Hour Body Diet should come from three groups: protein foods, vegetables, and legumes. Note: All natural spices are allowed.
The approved protein foods are grass-fed organic beef, pork, chicken breasts and thighs, and egg whites.
Protein Alternatives: Approved alternatives to the protein group include turkey, ostrich, bison, tilapia (fish), shrimp/prawns (although high in cholesterol), escargot/snails, sardines (with no added sweeteners), low-fat or plain yogurt, and low-fat cottage cheese (although should be eaten with another listed protein source). Tuna and other large fish species are also good substitutes, but eat only small portions infrequently due to their high mercury content. Certain nuts, such as Brazil nuts, can also be used to add some variety to meals.
The approved vegetables consist of mixed vegetables, peas, asparagus and spinach.
Vegetable Alternatives: Both frozen and canned vegetables are good to use as long as you try and maintain an 80/20 ratio recommended and followed by Tim Ferriss (80% frozen to 20% canned) and avoid any added sweeteners. Other vegetables can be substituted. However, the caution is that changing too often from the four approved vegetables can derail the diet. The four vegetable selections have been found to be tolerated the best when eating large amounts.
The approved legumes are kidney beans, pinto beans, black beans, and lentils. Legume Alternatives: All legumes are fine substitutes. However, focus on avoiding added fat through certain oils, frying, etc as well as sugars. Four Hour Body Diet Sample Menu There is a wide variety of recipes that 4-Hour Body Dieters can find online or through other published sources. However, to give you an idea of how to design your daily meal plans, a daily meal sample follows. You can mix and match as well as utilize leftovers. The point is to keep your diet consistent by utilizing the same approved foods in all of your meals. Remember, you are allowed to freely indulge in whatever foods you like one day a week (preferably Saturday)!

Sample 4-Hour Body Diet Daily Meal Plan

Scrambled eggs with spinach and beans (of choice). Note: Use egg whites with one whole egg mixed in for flavor.
Salmon salad. Place salmon on top of romaine lettuce and add approved vegetables or other toppings.
Lean hamburger patty with beans and mixed veggies.
Extra Meal Egg salad on romaine lettuce and topped with your choice of approved vegetables or other ingredients.

Keep in mind to drink plenty of water or unsweetened drinks as well as enjoy a glass of wine each day with a meal or at the end of the day if you like.