Low Glycemic Food List for 4-Hour Body Dieters

Those following or wishing to follow the Tim Ferriss’ 4-Hour Body Diet are probably aware of the strict rules of avoiding white, starchy foods and eating as much of the same approved foods over and over again as you want. One reason for this is that starchy foods generally have a much higher Glycemic Index (GI) rating than other items. Foods that have high GI ratings require only small portions to spike blood sugar levels which are not only harmful to your system, but are also detrimental to weight loss efforts.

The GI rating is derived by monitoring the blood sugar levels of subjects after they have eaten each food. Although blood sugar levels can vary slightly from person to person, the food GI rating chart can be very helpful for selecting foods that are the best selection for 4-Hour Body Dieters. Foods that are considered having a low GI can be consumed in large amounts before blood sugar level rises can even be monitored. That is why the 4-Hour Body Diet encourages eating as much of these foods as desired. Also, low GI foods stay in your stomach longer and make you feel full longer, which is an additional benefit for dieters.

The Glycemic Index consists of the following range for labeling foods:

  • Low GI consists of foods rated at 55 or less
  • Medium GI consists foods rated at 56-69
  • High GI consists of foods rated at 70 or higher

This article will concentrate on only Low GI foods most closely associated with the 4-Hour Body Diet, or foods which you might think are Low GI but are actually High GI. These foods include vegetables, legumes and dairy.

Glycemic Indexed Food List

Vegetables – Low GI             Vegetables – Medium and High GI

Frozen Sweet Corn     47                    Beets                           64

Boiled Carrots             41                    Pumpkin                     75

Frozen Green Peas      39                    Parsnips                      97

Raw Carrots                16

Eggplant                      15                    Legumes – Low GI

Cauliflower                 15

Tomatoes                    15                    Kidney Beans             52

Green Beans               15                    Blackeyed Peas           50

Broccoli                      10                    Pinto Beans                 45

Cabbage                      10                    Chick Peas                  42

Lettuce                        10                    Butter Beans               36

Onions                         10                    Yellow Split Peas        32

Red Peppers               10                    Navy Beans                31

Mushrooms                10                    Green Lentils              30

Chillies                        10                    Red Lentils                  21


Dairy – Low GI


Soy Milk                     44

Skimmed Milk            32

Whole Milk                 31

Yogurt – Art. Sweet    23