Tim Ferriss Diet: The Man and His Diet Plan

Tim Ferriss is a man wearing many hats. Born on July 20, 1977 in Southampton, New York, he has taken on a number of projects in his lifetime, some being more successful than others. Nutrition supplement company owner (BodyQUICK), online blogger, and world-record holder in tango dancing are a sampling of such achievements, all of which came before his rise to fame as a No. 1 bestselling author and worldwide motivational speaker.

Ferriss’ Rise to Fame via Publication

Tim Ferriss is best known for two bestselling books he penned that drove him into the spotlight and fame. His first published success came in 2007 with the release of The 4-Hour Workweek which topped the number one spot on the bestseller lists of the New York Times, BusinessWeek and Wall Street Journal.

In 2010, Ferriss published his second hit entitled The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman which covered over 50 topics including boosting endurance, increasing strength and vitality, and polyphasic sleep which is the practice of dozing off multiple times in a 24-hour day.

Following the success of his second book, Ferriss penned The 4-Hour Chef which was published in 2012 and has also made it to the number one spot on the Wall Street Journal’s bestseller list. Not only does this book contain recipes and practical tips for cooking, but it also provides methods for the accelerating of learning mirrored through his cooking techniques.

The Birth of the 4-Hour Body Diet

It was the introduction of Ferriss’ slow-carb diet in The 4-Hour Body that most caught the eye of readers and the 4-Hour Body Diet was born. This popular diet claims to provide a 20 pound loss of weight within a 30-day period by simply making a 4-hour life change in eating habits, all without going through the drudgery of exercise programs.

The 4-Hour Body Diet is also known as the Tim Ferriss Diet and it abides by a short and simple list of rules. These rules are:

  1. Avoid white, starchy carbohydrates. These include such foods as rice, bread, grains, potatoes, and pasta.
  2. Eat the same meals consistently that are made from the approved foods of:
    1. Proteins: pork, chicken breast and thigh, grass-fed organic beef, and egg whites (one whole egg is allowed daily to add flavor)
    2. Legumes: lentils, pinto beans, and black beans
    3. Vegetables: spinach, mixed vegetables, peas, and asparagus
  3. Avoid drinking sweet beverages. Instead, drink as much unsweetened tea and iced tea, coffee, water, and diet sodas as you desire.
  4. Avoid eating all fruits. These contain sugars which assist the body with accumulating body fat. Exceptions to the rule: tomatoes and avocadoes.
  5. Indulge in one let-loose day per week. Tim Ferriss recommends Saturday as your binge day however, any day you choose is fine. This is your reward day for sticking to the diet through the week. You can eat or drink anything you desire and consume gobs of calories. Spiking your caloric intake works to balance internal systems and prevent your body from going into survival mode.