What is the 4 Hour Body Diet?

The Four Hour Body Diet, also known as the Tim Ferriss Diet, is considered a slow carb diet that eliminates starches and all sweets from meals. Instead, dieters focus on eating small and controlled meals containing lean protein, vegetables and legumes. Ferriss claims that those who stick to his Four Hour Body Diet plan can drop 20 pounds in a short 30 days without the need for completing any exercise.

The Parameters of the Four Hour Body Diet

The diet is quite popular for a number of reasons. First of all, people are drawn to the idea of losing weight without toiling away at long, grueling exercise sessions. Also, Ferriss himself admits to enjoying a glass of wine at the end of each day, something which many diet programs nix.

Dieters are further encouraged to participate in one binge day per week, with Saturday being the recommended day by Ferriss. During this day, all dieting is set aside and you can gorge yourself on anything you desire, including all forbidden foods such as candy, sweet drinks, fried foods, etc.

The 4 Rules of the Four Hour Body Diet

Every diet consists of a set of guidelines, or rules, that are set to keep dieters on track. Some weight loss programs are difficult to maintain because of the difficult and involved set of rules they expect you to keep. However, one of the attractive aspects of the Four Hour Body Diet is that the rules are few, easy to keep and even enjoyable. Because of these factors, most dieters reach their goals and target weight loss in the time allotted.

Rule #1 – Avoid Consuming Carbohydrates Contained in “White” Foods

“White” foods usually contain high amounts of carbohydrates that are stored as fat if not burned up through activity. Since you want to lose weight with the least amount of exercise possible, avoiding such high carb foods is vital. The only time white carbs should be consumed is within an hour and a half of completing at least 20 minutes of resistance training exercise. High carb “white” foods include potatoes, rice, pasta, bread, and cereal as well as any food that is fried.

Rule #2 – Eat the Same Meals Consistently

Dieting success normally comes from finding the right meals that contribute to weight loss or muscle gain and then sticking with them consistently. When you vary the foods you eat, your body tends to experience ups and downs which are detrimental to reaching diet goals. With the Four Hour Body Diet, creator Tim Ferriss has already done the homework and provides the foods which should be used to construct every meal. The right foods are contained in three groups:

  • Proteins: Consisting of grass-fed organic beef, chicken breast or thigh, pork, and egg whites (the diet allows one whole egg to be added for extra flavor).
  • Vegetables: Consisting of mixed vegetables, asparagus, spinach, and peas.
  • Legumes: Consisting of black beans, pinto beans, and lentils.

These foods contain far less carbs required for energy consumption and many low-carb dieters often give up quickly due to a loss of energy from restricting carb intake. For example, a ½ cup of spinach only contains 15 calories whereas the same amount of white rice contains a whopping 300 calories. For this reason, it is recommended that you eat as much of the above foods as you desire in order to maintain required energy levels. You should also eat more often than three meals a day. Ferriss recommends eating four meals per day of as much as you want of the approved foods.

Rule #3 – Avoid Sweetened Drinks

During any diet, you are normally required to drink a lot in order to stay hydrated and help encourage proper metabolism. The same holds true with the Four Hour Body Diet with one exception. You are encouraged to drink large amounts of water (the best substance to drink anytime), but you are also allowed to drink as much of other drinks as long as they are sugar free (i.e. unsweetened tea and iced tea, coffee and diet sodas). Drinks to avoid consuming are fruit juice, milk and sweetened soft drinks. The diet even allows for one glass of wine per day because it has been proven that its content of resveratrol aids the body in fat-loss and recovery from exercise.

Rule #4 – Enjoy a Binge Day Once a Week

One day per week, the Four Hour Body Diet allows a totally free day to throw off the shackles of dieting and indulge in all your vices. On this day, you can chow down on chocolate and ice cream, pizza, potato chips, sweet drinks and anything else your cravings desire. The reason for this allowed binge is two-fold. First, it makes agonizing over the small selection of foods during the rest of the week more tolerable since you have a let-loose day toward which to look forward. Second, it is actually beneficial to spike your caloric intake once a week. Doing so increases the fat-loss process and keeps your thyroid, metabolism and other related systems functioning at peak performan