What Did Cavemen Eat? An Intro to the Paleo Diet

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ith all the information coming out about the unhealthy side effects of processed foods, many are turning to the Paleo Diet to get back to a more primitive and healthier eating habit that sustained our ancestors for thousands of years. The Paleo Diet is based on eating only healthy foods that were available to our ancestors or cavemen as some would call them.

So what did cavemen eat? During the Paleolithic times, cavemen and women relied on all natural sources of foods. Meat was acquired from hunting free range animals and catching vibrant, healthy sea food. Vegetables, fruits and nuts were obtained by gathering them from the surrounding landscape. Fresh eggs were snatched from the nests of healthy birds. No preservatives, salts, or sugars were added, meat contained little bulked-on fat, and their foods were packed with nutrients.


The Upside of Eating Like a Caveman

Returning to a Paleo Diet that is all natural and void of unhealthy additives and is full of nutrients compromised through processing means you purge your body of impurities, receive more vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, and are generally healthier. A commitment to such a diet means you feel better, have more energy, are sick less, and help to prevent debilitating diseases.

Eating like a caveman has a variety of benefits. A Paleo Diet helps you to lose weight, reduce the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and a host of other nasty ailments, boosts your immune system and libido, allows you to sleep better at night, improves conditions of acne, increases mental clarity, and improves athletic performance.


What You Eat and Don’t Eat on a Caveman Diet

Returning to an all-natural Paleo Diet that is very similar to what cavemen ate means you cut out a lot of garbage and intake more elements that are vital to a healthy lifestyle. A caveman diet means you learn to rely on whole foods that lack additives and unhealthy ingredients placed in them during processing. You also eliminate refined sugars from your diet which is a huge contributor to many of today’s health problems.

Cavemen ate a host of fruits and vegetables that are naturally low in calories and are packed with nutrients. Eating like a caveman means you seek out and select high-quality protein that is present in free range chickens, grass fed beef, and wild seafood. You also want to add more wild game into your diet whenever possible and utilize more nuts and seeds, mushrooms, fresh and dried herbs and spices. Small amounts of raw bee-pollen honey, natural stevia, and other natural sweeteners can be substituted for unhealthy sugars.

By taking up the Paleo Diet and learning to once again eat healthy foods and meals that sustained our ancestors for thousands of years, you will find that you can once again take control of your health and enjoy a vibrant life.


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