Paleo Resource Roundup

153818048This installment of the Paleo Resource Roundup has us searching the web for easy to follow shopping guides and lists. If you’re a seasoned Paleo pro or new to the paleo diet you’ve probably found yourself wandering aimlessly in the grocery store trying to figure out what IS paleo and and what is NOT.

Check out the sites below. They contain easy to digest (pun intended!) lists and guides that you can print and take with you on your next expedition to the supermarket.

Paleo Shopping Lists

  • Grocery List Paleo Style from – this is a nice list that you can print and bring with you. Be sure to print the blog page and you can print a larger version of the check list after clicking on it.
  • Robb Wolf’s Shopping List (PDF) – Former research biochemist and one of the world’s leading experts in Paleolithic nutrition, Robb Wolf’s shopping list is a great place to start. While there be sure to check out his blog and his books.
  • Do & Don’t Shopping List from Nutritionator – This resource is part shopping list and part “Do’s & Don’ts” of paleo. While there, be sure to check out Pat’s inspirational story.